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Golf Buddy Legal Distance Measuring Device

A change in the Rules of Golf by the R&A and USGA back in 2006 now allows the use of electronic measuring devices in Competition play. Therefore GPS units like the Golf Buddy can be used at club comp level providing the Club Committee have sanctioned a Local Rule.

Since the rule change the golf market has been flooded with GPS devices from various manufacturers. Where the GolfBuddy range of units differ from some of the competition is that no annual membership fee is required to keep the unit up to date with the latest courses. In fact the Pro and Tour models can hold up to 20,000 courses and the World Platinum model an astonishing 40,000 courses, all at no extra cost.

Golf Buddy Models

New for 2011 is the GolfBuddy World unit which is much the same as last years Platinum model but it now features push buttons as well as a touch screen for ease of use.

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Releseed in 2010 is the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS rangefinder. This unit offers a high resolution colour touch screen and was released in the USA in June 2010. Fortunately for golfers in the UK this unit is now available for sale at selected golf outlets.

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The Golf Buddy Tour GPS unit offers the golfer a high resolution screen contained in a durable waterproof case which would suit our British weather conditions.
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For the budget conscientious golfer the Golf Buddy Pro model has the same features as the Tour unit but has monochrome screen.
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Advantages of using a GolfBuddy Rangefinder

•It acts like the GPS in your car, so it knows exactly what course you are playing and what hole. The unit will automatically find the course you are on making it one of the easiest GPS rangefinders available.

•Takes the guessing out of your game by giving the distances to the front, back and middle of the green. The unit also displays the distances to the hazards on each hole and also allows the user to add up to 11 custom targets.

•When you purchase a Golf Buddy GPS unit the majority of the courses that you will play are already stored on the unit. So you are ready to go straight away. If the courses that you play are not on the unit they can be downloaded from the Golf Buddy website....Free of Charge.

•The GolfBuddy GPS Rangefinder comes pre-loaded with courses from Europe, Africa and Middle East. The ever-expanding library also includes courses from all across the world.

•Using a GPS rangefinder minimises distractions by taking your attention away from looking for yardage markers and keeping your mind focused on taking your shot.

•Single toggle switch for ease of use.

•Unlike laser rangefinders a clear line of site is not required.

•Helps speed up your game.

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