golf buddy world platinum

Golf Buddy World Platinum

Released to the market in June 2010 the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Rangefinder is one of the most advanced distance measuring devices available to the golfer.

Take the uncertainty out of your golf game with the Golf Buddy World Platinum, a genuine GPS rangefinder with automated course and hole identification. This device comes preloaded with 40,000 courses from around the world including UK and European courses.
The unit helps you obtain confidence on the course by telling you exactly how far and where to go with each and every shot.
The unit offers a user friendly interface that displays all the yardages that you will require via a high resolution colour screen.

The view of the green is dynamic, which means the rangefinder changes the form of the green depending on your angle of approach.

Want to know if the trees on the right are in play, or if the far bunker is within range of your 7-iron? Just grab the Golf Buddy World Platinum and it delivers all the info you need.

golf buddy world platinum colour screen

Golf Buddy Overview

The GolfBuddy World Platinum provides a number of functions that help you take your golf game to the next level. The four-player score tracking function, for example enables the unit you to record countless rounds, and incorporates tags for the course and date. This helps you compute your handicap and track your development over time.

The Golf Buddy World Platinum also calculates the actual distance you hit with each club, a critical component for decreasing your scores.
Just mark your starting position, hit your shot, and walk to the location where the ball landed. And to help you enhance your course management skills, the GolfBuddy World Platinum monitors your distance from the green (front, center, and back) at all times and the distance of all in-play hazards.

The unit provides every item that may affect your play, even though you can't see it from your current location.
The Golf Buddy World Platinum also provides the lay-up and carry distances for every hazard, therefore you will realize how to effectively avoid the ponds and sand traps that lay in wait.

Golf Buddy Features

• High-resolution color, outdoor visible, full-function touch screen
• Ability to switch back-and-forth from standard numbers readings to layout mode
• Preloaded with courses from across the world
• Shock and water resistant case design
• 40,000 course storage capacity
• 50 channel satellite reception
• Distance measuring module
• Vibrant yet simple-to-use user interface
• Four player score tracking module
• Full statistical analysis module
• Zoom in and zoom out functions
• Automatic course and hole recognition
• Measuring point on the Golf Buddy moves as golfer does throughout course
• Ability to measure to and from any point on the hole
• Pin placement/movement functionality
• Customizable targets
• Multiple languages
• Full Layout Mode

Golf Buddy WP review

Only released as recently as mid-2010, the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Rangefinder is an advanced golf distance measuring appliance.

This hand held golf gps unit offers a large, high resolution colour screen and whilst "zoom in" and "zoom out" functions are available, these are seldom required as a complete hole can be viewed comfortably on the screen. The full function touch screen gives the user the ability to measure to and from any point on a hole. This distance measuring module is an excellent feature, allowing the "lay up" and "carry" distances to hazards (even those that cannot be seen) and other course features to be determined quickly and easily. Another useful feature of this gps device is the calculation of the distance a player hits with each club, a vital factor in producing more consistent golf and better scores.

Additionally, this device helps the golfer improve their course management skills by constantly keeping track of the distance to the front, middle and centre of the green, using technology that changes the displayed information dependent of the exact approach angle. Upon reaching the putting surface, the pin placement/movement technology of this golf gps rangefinder allows the position of the onscreen pin to be changed, thus providing simple, straightforward adaptation to all situations.

Whilst the majority of golf GPS rangefinders have some form of integral scoring system, the Golf Buddy World Platinum offers modules for four player score tracking and full statistical analysis of these scores. The analysis tools are valuable for identifying the strengths and weaknesses in a player's golf game, allowing them to concentrate on the poorer aspects of their play and monitor any improvement.

The World Platinum also has the advantage over its GPS rangefinder rivals of coming complete with many thousands of course maps already installed, with no additional fee or annual subscription. With storage capacity for some 40,000 worldwide courses (allegedly the market leader in this respect), the Golf Buddy World Platinum appears to provide significantly better value for money than its competitors. The precision of the distances of all course mappings in the vast range available for the World Platinum is guaranteed since they are measured by professionals on foot.

An eminently sensible feature of the Golf Buddy World Platinum, overlooked by most GPS Rangefinder competitors, is the ability to alter holes, via the simple to use touch screen interface, when features such as hazards are added or moved. This negates the need to download new course maps for even minor alterations.

The Golf Buddy World Platinum employs automatic course and hole recognition technology to identify locations, removing the requirement of extensive trawling through great long lists of courses to find that about to be played. However, if required, performing a manual search is straightforward, with a software-based "QWERTY" keypad minimising the number of keystrokes needed to locate the requisite information.

Overall, the competitively priced Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Rangefinder appears to be an excellent unit, combining innovative technology, a massive range of course maps and great value for money.

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