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Golf Buddy World - New 2011 Model

The guys over at Golf Buddy decided this year to give their top of the range model a bit of an overhaul and in doing so omitted the platinum moniker and have called the 2011 incarnation of their best selling model the Golf Buddy World.

There a few complaints from customers of last years model that related to effectiveness of the touch screen.
So in the 2011 revamp they added a row of buttons below the screen for users who prefer not to access the units features and controls via a touch screen.

Consumers will also be happy to know that the new Golf Buddy World GPS unit reviewed here is cheaper than last years Platinum model without losing any of the functionality.

golf buddy world colour screen

Golf Buddy World Overview

Golf Buddy World's class leading 50 satellite receiver ensures fantastic reception, even in built-up areas and under heavy trees.

Instant hole and course recognition means it can be used straight from the box with no need to the unit up to a PC.

The GolfBuddy World features a anti-glare full colour screen which can be used in bright light conditions.

Golf Buddy World Features

• High-resolution color, outdoor visible, full-function touch screen
•40,000 Course Storage Capability
•Courses from Across the World Pre-Loaded
•High-Resolution Color, Outdoor Visible, Full-Function Touch Screen
•Full Layout Mode
•Ability to switch back-and-forth from standard numbers readings to layout mode
•Vibrant, yet simple to use user interface
•Zoom in and zoom out functions
•Automatic course and hole recognition
•Measuring point moves as golfer does throughout course
•Ability to measure to and from any point on the hole
•Multiple languages
•Shock and water resistant case design
•50 channel satellite reception
•Distance measuring module
•Customizable targets
•Pin placement / movement functionality
•Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included)
•Swivel holster (included)

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