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Golf Buddy Pro

The Golf Buddy Pro is the similar in design and construction to the Tour model, the only difference being that the Pro model has a monochrome screen as opposed to the colour display of the Tour unit.

It still offers the same features of its colour screen sibling and functions in exactly the same way. Coupled with the fact that the unit comes preloaded with 20,000 courses and with the ability to download further courses from your region all at no extra cost, makes the Golf Buddy Pro a perfect entry level GPS golf rangefinder.

The Golf Buddy Pro is designed to confirm to USGA / R&A rulings relating to distance measuring gadgets, in which the devices may only display information that can be readily found on the course by other means.


At any instance, the GolfBuddy Pro is aware of exactly how far you're from the green. The amount of distance still left to the hole is paramount to choosing the proper club and deciding on the best approach to the green.
This GPS device supplies the "Distance Remaining" info from your spot, irrespective of where that may be on the course. The distance is always in a straight line from your present position to the front, center, and back of the green. The viewable info on Golf Buddy Pro is always in the horizontal plane. Put simply, elevations are never considered.

The diverse natural and manufactured hazards on the course constitute the character of the course and provide the golf player varying levels of problems.
Understanding wherever these types of hazards are, and how you can avoid them can reduce strokes from your game. The Golf Buddy Pro shows distance values for each one of the "in play" hazards, in addition to areas of the landscape which in turn have an effect on shot selection and course management.
The Golf Buddy provides all objects which could have an effect on your play, even though you can't view them from your existing position.

GolfBuddy Pro Features

• True GPS tracking with automatic course and hole recognition
• 20,000 course storage capability
• Simple and Easy Operation
• High resolution gray scale LCD screen
• Additional custom target capabilities
• Calculate driving distance
• Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery
• Durable and water-resistant design
• Multi-lingual
• Scoretracking module

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